Photo-reportage by Munari From the island of Truffles to the kingdom of misunderstandin Bruno Munari

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"Photo-reportage is a means of expressing oneself more through images than words. The images can be sculpted, drawn or photographed, the medium isn't important. Any camera can be used for photo-reportage. This, for example, is an old view plate cam-era. In fact, besides the curtains, it has a magnificent veranda from which you can see the sea. It’s wonderful, lazing about in the summer in a bathing suit... the camera isn’t always necessary. I've never used this one." Bruno Munari, July 1944

Photo-reportage by Munari was printed in 1944. It was and still is today one of the finest, most amusing and significant lessons on the use of photography for "communication".

isbn: 9788875704346

Languages: English (also available in Italian)

Binding: paperback

Pages: 94

Width: 18.0

Height: 24.0

First Edition Year: 1997