Oceano. Anouck Boisrobert, Louis Rigaud

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Hoist the sails and we’re off on a trip around the world aboard the sailboat Oceano, with its big red hull. Watch the sea and sky change from the deepest of blue to the whitest of white as we pass through storms and sunsets. The ocean bed is full of life, surprises and colours! After Popville and Nella foresta del bradipo, a new pop-up book by the Boisrobert-Rigaud duo which unites the wonder of pop-up, illustrations and graphics to celebrate and defend the beauty of nature.

isbn: 9788875703806

Special process: popup

Languages: Italian

Binding: hardcover

Pages: 10 pagine con inserti pop-up

Width: 16.0

Height: 30.0

First Edition Year: 2015