123 A Book to See

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William Wondriska
123 A Book to See
Un Libro Da Guardare

isbn: 9788875702939
Languages: No text
Binding: hardcover
Pages: 24
Width: 18
Height: 18
First Edition Year: 2011

Published for the first time in 1959, 123, A Book To See is a wordless story using the numbers one to ten. The numbers develop thanks to daily objects that collect together tidily on the page: the abstract nature of pure numbers interacts with the tangibility of the objects used to define them, set side by side over a two-page spread.

William Wondriska uses a characteristically simple and essential style, reducing his palette to the colours red and black, which blend together to create a visual language in which words are unnecessary. 123 A Book To See is the third book by William Wondriska to be published by Corraini after All by myself and Non perdere il filo (A long piece of string).